Hi, we’re second year students of Concert Engineering and Multimedia (BSc) from Srinakharinwirot University. This blog consists of Music Festival information in Thailand, Recap photos and videos highlight.

Dr. Rob Watson, said “This is the one of the hardest working group of student I’ve had the pleasure to teach this year.”

Analyze the media content and explain why it is relevant

Each of the social media that I created in my life has a difference between each other’s such as content, story, and type also. I usually use Instagram’s story for sharing trends in my life. The most thing that I had shared on social media is food and drink. Moreover, that story will come with the location of that thing.

The reason why I decided to choose Instagram Instead of Twitter is the post template. When I post on Twitter, it’s will show the location below of that picture. For Instagram, everybody can put pictures, captions, and the location together on 1 picture and made followers understand that what it is? or where is that?

Moreover, I had improved myself with this media course. I have learned about creating a blog, recording podcasts, taking vlog and designing profiles on each social media. I think everyone needs to develop themselves because of social media the same as technology, it always changed. Everything has to be updated for the future. So, I’m very proud of my skill that improved after finish this media course.

Analyze the media content and explain why it is relevant

Usually, I rarely use social media to share stories. I mostly use social media to follow the news and my friends live, chat, and entertain. Such as Facebook, Instagram, and Line for contacting and following the news, and Youtube also Facebook and Instagram for entertaining. For sharing my stories, I just shared it on Instagram stories, when I go to the festivals or somewhere beautiful via photos and shot videos. I also post some of my pictures on my Instagram

After I studied in this course, I did what I wanted to do before, which are editing, creating, and taking photos and videos. If it is possible, I will continue taking photos, taking videos, and editing. Meanwhile, I will develop and improve and polish my skills. Then make it be my strength and make the most of this point.

Analyse the media content and explain why it is relevant

I almost use every platform of social media. Actually, before I studied this course I use social media for update the news in each day and post some nice picture only but now, I use for write the stories for share our experience of our internship in the festival by music on da moon. All social media have different content to write and interact with followers. For example, Twitter just a tweet in real-time and short messages. They can use the hashtag to reach followers and updates the news in real-time. Also, they can retweet something that they like and read more retweeting another tweet. Different from Youtube, people can watch any video that people interested in. Youtube has a million different video. If any content is good enough, they can enjoy and watch that video. Also, Instagram can post the video in a short time and real-time and post some nice photo. Another fiction of Instagram that most people like is Instagram’s stories. They can post a video in 15 seconds and disappear in 24 hours. The last one that I use is WordPress. This is the first time that I share long stories on the website and did a vlog video that recommended cafe near my university. I developed any content to share with others and designed website by music on da moon group. Furthermore, I think any platforms of social media have to be optimized with people nowadays and easy to interact with people. Moreover, people who like to spend time with social media like to updates everything on social media. They can be bored in anytime. This is the reason why the organizing of social media has to develop social media anytime.  

Evaluate the media content I have produced.

Normally, most people can interact with photo more than just read some messages. I enjoy snapping some shot to save some moment and tell the stories with other people by photo. The photo can tell a feeling and tell emotional of that moment. The other people can understand easier than read some text only. This is the reason why I really like to take a photo and put it to my catalog. Moreover, in over 2 years I try to use analog film camera. I think the film camera is fascinating. I search on the website to find the king of the film camera and I got Leica M6 with Leica lens. It inspired me in everything because in each shot when I want to take a photo I have to think more and making sure I have everything thought through. I have to think too much because of the limit of film and I can’t see the preview of the photo. The different type of film camera and the different film will make different emotions such as mood and tone. However, when I hang out with my friend, I still also use the digital camera of Leica to take some snap. It has a different mood and tone between the film camera. It has the same as a brand but I can not get the same feeling. We can take too much shot and pick one that we like but the film camera has too much thought.

What i have done in producing my social media content.

I just finish the introduction to media and social media technology course in a few days. I learnt a lot of things and understand people who follow my blog and social media more. This course makes me know how to creates interesting content via WordPress and other social media such as Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. I did a podcast for telling people about trends, Thai song music and what I interested in with my music on da moon group. Moreover, I have been to interview myself and describe Mahorasop international music festival. 

I create an account with my friend name Music on da moon for telling people about the music festival and our experience that doing at Mahorasop international music festival. We create WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram for writing our experience and post the good memories. The style of content of any post depends on the platform of social media. First, Twitter is an application for telling the follower by messages with 280 characters and 4 picture. It is easy to build a relationship with others and reach people quickly. We used this application for telling people in real-time about the news of music and our experience at Mahorasop international music festival. The second application is Youtube. We posted a live video of our artist. People who see this video will understand the feeling of the audience who stay at the show. Third, Instagram is an application that posting a video and photo. This application can edit with filters. It’s easy to use and reach any followers. Last social, WordPress is an application that posts any story in a long word. Moreover, I create the time table of an interesting show of podcast and talk with my music on da moon group. We already posted on the website. It is really good for listening when we bored because it has music in a different style. Lastly, I learnt about how to interview myself and practice to speak English in a good way and don’t be shy with we speak with others.We listen to ourselves and improve any skill that we can not it for the first time. 

I improve my skill too much. I know how to use social media in the way and how to use WordPress because I did this website in the first time. 

I worked with Music On Da Moon Team.

In this semester, I have to study about social media and try to think about content and create interested content. We create content depend the thing that popular in that day. For example, last week i post the contert about the market at Srinakharinwirot University. The market has a lot of thing that people use in everyday and i take photo and write the blog for people who have not been come and buy the product in this market.I post and create with my group.My group name music on da moon.It has 4 people. We are team work because when we have work we will share the opinion and chose something that will be good for our work. We separate the work depend on abilities of each.I think my group has same style and easy to share positive and negative thing together because we are very close to.

Media content analysis

Personally, my content in Music on da moon necessary needs an imagination rather than information because it involves music festivals and elements of the ambiance. For example, the blog related to our experience after Maho Rasop Festival finished. In my opinion, it need to tell a story in a real-time and attach some pictures to show the atmosphere at that moment. This website also has the gallery on the right side of the home page to explain our content. On the other hand, there is Instagram and Twitter account to post some pictures in real-time. I often use a hashtag rather than write the description because if the readers want to read all the details, they should read on our website. In addition, there is a YouTube channel for sharing the video about the concert and our lifestyle. Last week, I and my friends also record a podcast together to explain our interesting things, and we didn’t pause it when we talked. Especially, we learned how to setup microphones and headphones and convert the audio file into the laptop. In the future, I will improve myself a lot from my mistakes for the first time. Exclusively, I believed that the most important for producing this social media is working with my friends.

Evaluated my social media content

Generally, everyone usually shares their stories with posting pictures on Instagram and they also post the remarkable clip video on YouTube. Personally, uploading a photo into social media is quite unable to say anything at all if compared to writing a blog. I think blogging can help the reader can visualize clearly. Moreover, the blogger can attach a picture to help the reader more understand. It still enables to communicate between readers and bloggers by comment. However, another is a podcast which an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download in order to listen. It is a new choice for me because there are too many people who don’t want to read but they wanted to listen to it instead. Especially, people who are listening to the podcast, they able to do other things together at the same time. In the future, I believe that I can develop my skills such as photography, writing, speaking. For instance, I can improve photography skills before posted some pictures on social media. Furthermore, my writing skill is developed by writing a blog on the website. Lastly, I likely can combine everything that I have learned to be myself in a better version.

What I have done in producing social media

    These days, everyone can access readily to social media in many ways. For example, people can play social media if they have mobile phones or tablets. Also, there are many applications on the phone such as YouTube, Instagram, WordPress. So, I have learned how to produce the media and doing something new. Firstly, I and my friends create the “Music on da Moon” on WordPress which contains the Music festival information in Thailand, recap photos, our stories and videos highlight. Later, I learned about photography with my mobile phones and great technique from Dr. Rob who has my own social media website and he is my professor on Media and Technology subject. Then, we posted the beautiful pictures on Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag to describe pictures. Next, I wrote the blog and post video on YouTube involving my new experiences about going to MooMin Pop Café. It was the first time that I came to the Café and took tea with my friends and I received a good feeling and friendly from the staff in this place. In addition, we got a chance to be a staff at the Maho Rasop festival. When the festival finished, I also told our stories and share it on the blog. The last one is a very fantastic experience that is a podcast. So, we talked about our interesting such as Fashion, Festival, and Football and record it for 1 hour. Hence, I think that I am very proud of my working because I never do something like this before. Finally, it may help me to have more confidence considerably.

Evaluated the media content I have produced.

In my opinion, our contents are quite good especially on Instagram but it seems very bad in spread and re-distributing to others such as on our YouTube that we should tag more on category and I should recheck and fix the problem of editing before it goes prublic. The best of us are on Instagram. I see that it has hashtags of the festival and band but we should tag them through the photos or posts not just hashtags.

On the other hand, I think that our Instagram updated quite fast and has a lot of stories in it. I’m not sure that I feel like it has stories because we are part of that story or not. Even if it is not good for someone but it means a lot to us.