Personal use social media and How to use in different platform.

Everyone uses social media for a variety of reasons, and to respond to reasons that require different and specific platforms to be most appropriate and effective.

For me, I mainly use around 4 platforms, which are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Line I use YouTube to entertain myself, such as watching HRK channel with content about playing games that are fun, and very entertaining, and RUBSARB production channel with content related to traveling in Thailand, cooking, and much more, which is fun and enjoyable. And I mostly use LINE to chat or work with friends. For Facebook and Instagram, there are used to waste time, such as on the train or car while i am going home.

How Social media that I use?

  • I usually spend time on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, E-mail, YouTube and Line. I’m usually on Social media with mobile phone, tablet and laptop. During take public transportation to my house from university, I always use my phone. On the other hand, laptop and tablet are better than phone when I arrived home because bigger screen. I think each of social media has own benefits.
  • For example, Instagram made me keep contacted with my friends because almost of them choose Instagram for share stories in their life. Next, Since I start study at Srinakharinwirot University as first year student, I have to submit my assignment in term of electronic within date that professor decided then I always submit my assignment by send the E-mail to my professors. Youtube is social media where people can share long video clips so I have decided to spend time after done my homework with watching new content from YouTube. Next Social Media that I have spend time with is Twitter, I think benefit from twitter is connected with celebrities. Each of them can share some picture and let fans retweet, quote tweet and talk with them by mention the account’s name. the last one that I use everyday is Line. Line Keep me contacted to everybody whether friends, family and professor. Because of comfortable of use, people can text directly to others as much as they can, people can invite their friends or members of family for chat in private group.  

Mon’s Experience @ MooMin pop café

This is the first time that Mon came to MooMin pop Café. It’s located nearby our university. He went to counter for choose some drink that he want to order that is Jasmine tea. He said it’s smell and taste are very good. Next, The atmosphere around this MooMin Café also great. This café decorated minimal style by mini MooMin toys including design of cup and cup’s sleeve.

Personal use social media and how to use in different platform to link with others.

Most people usually spend time on their smartphone. Social media is very popular. The platform of social media has many types and depend on what they want to share with others. One application that everyone has to spend time with is Line. Line is used for communication with others, share picture and video, and they can audio call and video call without money as same as me. I usually spend my free time with my smartphone by talking with my friend and sharing the moment and sharing the story with my friend via Line. Moreover, I like to play on Instagram because people share the photo and stories on this application and I follow the people who interest something same as me and post the stories in every day. I can update the trend of every story such as fashion, product, news, pets. When I see the fashion that I like, I will buy the product via Instagram. So, I can shop in every day on my Instagram.

The platform of social media has many types depending on what people want to use for. I use all of the platforms of social media but I usually use Line and Instagram. I separate by 4 types such as social media, microblogging, photo sharing, and video sharing. For example, social media is Line, Facebook. Microblogging is twitter. People can share the text by the real-time and spend time with twitter to talk with the friend and update the news by the real-time. Photo sharing is Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat makes people fun and knows the stories by the real-time. People can see the stories just in 24 hours. Video sharing is Youtube, Facebook live, Instagram live. Youtube has any kind of content. I like to watching a video such as music video and beauty blogger to update any new items. Todays, Youtuber like to post vlog when they travel around the world. I really like to watch vlog video before I going to those countries because I know the interesting place and food where must go.

Sharing your experiences through Photography and Vlog videos

Generally, people often use social media to share their feelings and experiences. For example, they post on Instagram regularly such as; Short videos and pictures. Sometimes, they post short videos to share a great situation at that time. In the same way, they also post pictures when they want to share some photos of food. Next, a vlog is a video that tells documents of our life. It is a video blog that records a person’s thoughts, opinions, and interests typically for publication on the internet.

Normally, a vlog is popular on YouTube, especially in Thailand. There are too many new YouTubers, so I always watch them because it helps me to feel relaxed after finished class. In my opinion, I like post clip videos rather than post the pictures because I like to share a good vibe and impressive atmosphere at that time.

What are social media that I usually use all the time?

Nowadays, social media become the essence of our life. It can help people to have a better and easy life. For instance, we can connect to friends even though we live in other countries. In addition, there are many applications on a phone such as YouTube, Line, Instagram, WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, E-bay, Amazon, etc. So, I going to describe applications that I use every day.

Personally, I often usually on my phone; Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Line. Facebook is a social networking service that is very popular in Thailand. Last 2 years, I downloaded this platform into my phone, and I always use it for receiving news, posting and shopping. In addition, I also use the Line application for chatting because it is very easy and not complicated. Moreover, we can design themes, send pretty stickers to others and attach Excel and Word files. Next, I watch the videos on YouTube constantly. My favorite channel in this application is DAZN Thailand which involves highlighting football competition (UEFA Champions League). It helps me to watch the football match when I didn’t watch it at home. The last one is WordPress which is a content management consist of forums, media galleries, and membership sites. I usually use it when I study Media and Social Media Technology at my University. Consequently, I believe that social media can make our life much more convenient and relaxed.